Are you struggling to manage your Amazon FBA business on your own? Are you looking for affordable solutions to grow your business? Denariusblack Trading's Virtual Agent Management Program is here to help!

What is the Virtual Agent Management Program?

Our Virtual Agent Management Program is a comprehensive solution to manage your Amazon FBA business. For just $600 per month, we offer product sourcing, shipping plans, and Amazon-related work. Here are some additional benefits of our program:


Apart from the Virtual Agent Management Program, we also offer several other services to help you grow your business. Here are some examples:

Website development: $600

Create a professional-looking website to showcase your products and services.

LLC, Amazon store, bank account opening: $750

Establish your business entity and create an Amazon account to sell your products.

PPC: $500/month + ad spend

Manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns to drive traffic to your website or Amazon listing.

Graphic design: $50/hour

Create eye-catching graphics for your website or Amazon listing.

SEO: $500/month

Optimize your website or Amazon listing to rank higher on search engines.

Video editing: $50/hour

Create engaging videos to promote your products.

Data entry: $25/hour

Manage your product listings and inventory.



We hunt for the best products and find brands and distributors to source them.


We place orders for the products and ship them to Amazon.


Once you pay the invoice, we take care of the listing.


You make all the final purchasing decisions and payments.


To ensure your security, we will send you an invoice directly from the brands/suppliers, and you will make payments directly to them. You will need to verify the accounting to ensure the desired results are achieved.

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